I’ve been contemplating dyeing my hair all back to normal or just switching up the color on the ends and I have no idea which to choose. Help me out friends. ;(

Anonymous said: would you ever post / share the video? it seems really hot

I dunno

Anonymous said: Your art is wonderful. Also your face, super mad cute. I hope you have a lovely week

I’m having the greatest week ever now thank you angel baby.

I need to do my laundry

I don’t trust people who watch the anime but don’t read the manga.

In between bouts of crying all day.

I cried really hard once because I can’t change the shape of my face.

For every moment of stress free happiness I get back ten times the amount in sad and awful frustration.

Anonymous said: is it okay for people to use your photos for reference?

I mean, yeah it’s fine, but they’re terrible photos to be referencing. But you can do whatever you want, friend. ❀ヽ(ˉ▿ˉ)